Our story so far...

Derek Sivers TED Talk "How to start a movement" has been viewed more than 9 million times. Key takeaways?
“The first follower is what transforms a lone nut into a leader.”
“Now, here come two more people, and immediately after, three more people. Now we've got momentum. This is the tipping point. Now we've got a movement.”
“If you really care about starting a movement, have the courage to follow and show others how to follow. And when you find a lone nut doing something great, have the guts to be the first one to stand up and join in.”
Message? It’s about people, and having the courage to jump on it when you see something you believe in.
He aha te mea nui o te ao. He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata
What is the most important thing in the world? It is people, it is people, it is people.
How is this relevant to Daily Catch? Let’s start at the beginning.

Chris Rodley, tech entrepreneur and founder of SnapIT was immersed in bringing technology into the fishing industry. The more he talked with fishermen, the more the injustice of the inequities he saw really bothered him. A conversation with his friend and colleague, Jude Wells, in late 2018 sparked a drive to make a change. They were concerned over the sustainability of our smaller, independent fishing vessels in an increasingly consolidated industry. Independent fishermen needed to receive more of the final retail value of their catch; their livelihoods, communities, and the sustainability of their fisheries and ocean environment depended on it.

Rich conversation with Karl & Sarah Warr of Better Fishing led to a unique collaboration: With the support of WWF and SnapIT, in late 2019 the ‘Chips’ started live streaming every catch to the public with 24/7 video. This sort of transparency and visibility from a fishing vessel was unique and radical. Karl found that it was worth the risk, however, as it enhanced the marketability of his fish with the chefs and restaurants eager to purchase his catch fresh off the boat. “No, not that one, the other one” was now possible, as buyers selected just the right fish before the vessel had even reached the dock!

Karl and Chris mulled over how they could help replicate this model for other fishermen, perhaps for other industries. "What if the auction floor was the actual boat? He might not need to take as much fish because he's generating considerably more revenue,” Chris said at the time. "There is a ton of value in allowing the fisher to take control of his business and allowing him to market directly to the consumer." The dream of Daily Catch was born.

Now the Thorpe family enters the picture; friends of Chris’ and farmers on a stunning rural property in Golden Bay, they are passionate about regenerative farming and sharing its bounty with their local community. Their partnership with award-winning butcher, Georgie Moleta, had led them to selling their beef at the local Farmers Market and delivering boxes of meat to customers ‘over the hill’ in Nelson. They were telling their story, and people were loving it.

Kervella Cheese were the next producer to join the Daily Catch ‘movement’: Passionate about preserving the ancient traditions of fine cheese making, they also knew that integrating technology into the processing and selling of their cheese would help them improve their cheese and their business.

Next to join the growing crowd was Cathie Gould, now CEO of Daily Catch Limited. Her passion for local food makers and interest in social enterprise led her on a path that crossed with Chris. She immediately saw the potential for Daily Catch in bringing economic transformation deep into New Zealand’s regions, connecting rural and urban communities, telling the stories of our incredible producers, and helping them reach wider markets.

The story takes an international twist with the involvement of Scott Nuzum, the third co-founder of Daily Catch. Scott first met Chris on Twitter shortly after he published an article about innovative use of electronic monitoring to create value for fishermen and their communities. That led to frequent phone calls and video chats where Chris and Scott discovered a common dream to build stronger and fairer communities by reconnecting people with their food producers.

They’ve been joined and supported by some truly incredible people within SnapIT to create Daily Catch. It’s a privilege to come to work each day and build together.

The New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries’ Sustainable Food & Fibre Futures fund (SFF Futures) has been a source of support and the catalyst in mid 2020 for creation of the technology platform that supports Daily Catch. We are grateful to their passionate and innovative team for their encouragement and the SFF Futures co-funding grant that’s making this possible.

The Nelson Regional Development Agency has been another source of encouragement. Thank you, team. Now ... it’s your turn! Join the Daily Catch movement. Sign up ... as a producer, as a customer. Tell us your story! Help us see who you are, where you’re from, and how you produce your food. Browse and buy the many products available from your region, throughout New Zealand, and someday soon, from around the globe!

By buying through Daily Catch you know you will be supporting your community by shopping local and eating local … and you’ll be joining a really nice bunch of people working hard to create an extraordinary platform for change.