Frequently Asked questions

“Am I buying from the Producer/Supplier or Daily Catch? Who will fulfill my order?”
Daily Catch is your host on the journey to meet the producers and suppliers who list on our platform. We get to know them and help them use Daily Catch’s website and support tools. The products they’re selling, the orders they receive, and the responsibility to deliver those orders is all the responsibility of the suppliers. Please see our Terms of Service for the smallprint or Contact Us with any further questions.
“The delivery options are different for different producers. Why?”
Suppliers know their own businesses best. They choose the delivery methods and partners that work best for them and their customers. They decide the routes, rates and weights to list on Daily Catch, and get to give their business to the carrier of their choice; very often they’re local businesses too. We’d love to be able to consolidate orders in the future but we’re still working on that. Please Contact Us if you’ve any further questions or suggestions.
“The producer is suggesting I pick up the order from another location. Is this legit?”
We love the idea of pick up, where customers and suppliers meet each other face-to-face, or ‘pavement pickup’ where contactless trading is preferred. Busy lives mean that it’s not always possible but if it is a supplier can offer that as a delivery option.
“I’d like a smaller quantity than the producer is offering. Why can’t I just get a single/smaller/little bit?”
Picking, packing, labelling and posting are work and cost that quickly adds up for suppliers. We encourage them to select volumes that work for them and their customers. A larger size is often better value at the same delivery cost, so better for customers too. In time we hope to support more options. Do Contact Us if you’ve further questions or suggestions.
“I’d like a larger quantity than the producer is offering.”
Maybe it’s because you love it so much or maybe it’s a business or hospitality need. Tell us more because we’d love to help.
“I can’t find a specific product or producer. Can I recommend a new producer to you?”
Yes! We’d love you to. Please Let us know.
“It’s been a few days now, why isn't my payment showing on my credit card account?”
We don't charge your credit card until suppliers confirm they're going to fulfil your order. Your 'payment' on DC is actually a pre-authorisation for us to charge your card. If a supplier can't deliver something - it does happen occasionally with fresh and seasonal products - then we won't charge your card for that part of your order. Your account history will show exactly what we have charged you and for what. We can't charge you more that you’ve authorised, but we might charge you less.
“Help! My order hasn’t worked out as expected!”
Please Contact Us and we’ll do all that we can to help.
“I know that New Zealand has amazing food producers but I can’t visit right now. Do you ship overseas?”
Daily Catch is just for New Zealand deliveries at the moment. While we are working towards enabling overseas shipping, we might be able to help ‘offline’. Please Contact Us and tell us more about what you’re interested in.
“There’s a product or producer I just love. How can I get my story on to Daily Catch?”
We’d love to hear from you! We’re working on ways for you to tell your stories on Daily Catch yourself but in the meantime if you have something fun to say, a great testimonial, updates for producers, recipes, or even blogs for our Daily Catch posts, please Contact Us!
“I’m a producer or supplier and I’d like to join Daily Catch.”
We’re looking forward to getting you set up on Daily Catch and letting the world hear your story! Please Contact Us and we’ll be in touch.
“I’d like to know more about who you are, what you do. Why did you create Daily Catch?”
Please read Our Story then Contact Us if you’ve any further questions or requests. We’ve got big plans for a big impact, and we are looking forward to bringing powerful innovation to the food marketplace. We love to partner with businesses, agencies and associations who care about food, people and our planet, so get in touch as we’d love to hear your story too.