Once upon a time, people knew who made their food.
Over time, people lost touch with their farmers, fishers and makers.
As people lost touch with these producers they ultimately became disconnected from the story of their food.
This has been bad.
For people.
For animals.
For communities.
For the planet.
At Daily Catch we want to change all that by returning to what matters most.
Daily Catch empowers producers to share their stories with the world.

We're building tools across four key areas:
We utilize cameras and sensors to champion the producers who make our food and to shine a light on how it is really made.
We help producers convert data into information that is useful and interesting to consumers.
Our social engagement platform allows producers and consumers to connect, form relationships, and build trust.
We are rethinking the financial relationship between producers and consumers and providing a platform to enable true direct to consumer sales.
Above all, Daily Catch is about reconnecting people with their food.
We hope you'll join us
on our journey as we
work to show that
Food always tells
a story.
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