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So...what's the story?

To be honest with you, we don't think it's right that the people who grow and produce our food, more often than not get a raw deal from the system.

See, when you think about it...

We all care what we eat

Given the choice, we would all take fresh, artisan food that rewards our local producers...given the choice.

But the question is...

Who chooses?

Do we really get to explore what our community has to offer, or do we accept what's on the shelves?

There is a better way

Let's change things

Let's write a new chapter, where consumers and producers can really connect, and everyone wins.

Come join us!

Our Vision

Food always tells a story. It’s a story about people, place and time as well as the taste and nutrition of the final product. The efforts of farmers, fishermen, growers and makers combine with processors and packagers to create the things we buy, prepare and present on our dinner tables.

For too long we have been disconnected from the real stories of our food. Supply chains have become dizzyingly complex. What used to be a simple transaction between a farmer and his neighbour has grown into a complicated maze of paperwork, transportation links, and mass retail marketing. Our food needs to be about human relationships again.

Many of the products we consume today lack context. We don’t really know the conditions under which our meat was raised, our fish caught, or our vegetables grown. We have little way of knowing whether the animals and the planet we share have been well treated in the process. We’ve lost our connection to the hardworking communities of people who work from sunrise to sunset to bring good food to our tables.

At Daily Catch we want to change our relationship with food by transforming the way we interact with those who make it.

How? By rebuilding food relationships and the purchasing process from the ground up.

Daily Catch empowers producers and makers with powerful trading tools so that they are front and centre in our purchasing decisions. We support producers in communicating and selling directly to consumers. We support and empower consumers with more insight into what you’re buying and who you’re buying from.

Through Daily Catch we are building trust—trust that the food we put on our tables was grown responsibly, ethically, and sustainably. Through this trust, we are helping to build stronger communities, re-establishing the vital role that our farmers, fishers, and food artisans play in our everyday lives.